What is Vastu?

Vastu is the science of architecture from India 

Vastu principles are intended to align the home with nature so that the inhabitants may live a good and prosperous life. A Vastu home mirrors the structure of the universe to help the individual experience his cosmic self. This ancient architectural science may sound odd to those unfamiliar but it's quite beautiful when explained in detail.

A vastu principle in action

During the night nature becomes quiet and not many things are active, but when dawn draws near animals begin to stir and birds start to sing. The sun rising over the eastern horizon brings a fresh wave of life and energy that starts off the day. Vastu homes are aligned to face east so that the rising sun illuminates the front of the house and the rays of sunlight pour through the windows and breathe new life into the inhabitants. This is one basic aspect of vastu shastra that helps align the individual with nature.

Why vastu's important

Imagine you are floating down a river and you pass an orange tree on the bank. You have the thought, "Maybe I'd like to eat an orange." A moment later you forget the thought and the tree disappears behind you, but soon you spot another orange tree. You look closely at the large oranges and now you think, "I want to eat an orange right now!" Sadly you've already floated past this tree but you decide to try and swim against the stream and back to the tree. Quickly you discover that swimming against the stream is quite difficult and you may not be able to get back to that orange tree. Floating along to the next orange tree will be much easier...

The river in this situation are the laws of nature governing everything in the universe from the rotation of the galaxies to the migration of birds. The smoothest way for you to achieve your goals in life (eat the orange) is to align yourself with the laws of nature (the flow of the river). Vastu homes, and my Vastu tiny cabins, help the individual align with the natural flow of life and achieve their goals quickly and easily.