Cabin Details

   Our first home (shown right) is now a rental in Fairfield, Ia. 

If you'd like a Vastu Cabin built in Fairfield, IA please get in touch -- we can build you a tiny home starting at only $29,900! (Only available in Iowa) Who would have thought that you could have your own little tiny house for such a low price. If you're not convinced then consider this:

    Let's look at the math -- If you're paying $500 a month in rent you are throwing $6,000 a year down the drain. Over six years you will spend $36,000 and what do you have to show for it? Nothing. 

Buy a Vastu Cabin and have your own tiny house!

   Our first tiny house in Fairfield, IA

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This tiny cabin ladder can be pushed above for more space 

A mini refrigerator fits under the counter in the open space that is shown. The stove runs on propage.    


The shower is across from the toilet (To the right in the photos)

A view into the living area which has plenty of room for a daybed, folding table, and a desk. 

More storage can be custom build into the living area if desired. There is a small closet behind the ladder.

The loft is about 7ft long and will easily fit a queen bed. There is plenty of room to sit up and room on the sides for storage.

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