Process Report

Post date: Apr 15, 2012 1:24:4 PM

Hello fellow tiny house lovers!

I must apologize for my silence... I really did expect to post more updates on the construction process. I've feel quite satisfied and fulfilled watching this Vaastu Cabin take shape but I've found it's hard to switch gears and come home and blog about it!

We're now 5 week into our estimated 8 week construction phase and I feel we're making good time. The cedar shingles do take longer than anticipated. This style of siding is beautiful but it sure does require patience. It's like a jigsaw puzzle... each piece has to fit perfectly so that no joints overlap. At this point I think we are about 1 week behind schedule... not too bad right?

Here are a few photos of the construction process. For more pictures go to the Vastu Tiny Cabin facebook page: